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If you want to purchase tickets or have already purchased tickets, please contact Big Box Tickets directly (844) 425-7185.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is all about?

    • Big Box tickets is a ticket brokerage website that sells tickets to all major events on the secondary market.

  • Who is behind Big Box tickets?

    • Big Box tickets is family run business based out of Phoenix Arizona. We are two brothers who want to help fans get into their favorite show or event with safe, reliable tickets.

  • Why buy from Big Box tickets?

    • As mentioned above we are a small family owned business. We had become tired of dealing with the major websites running the secondary ticket market with terrible customer service.  So we connected with ticket holders, brokers, and other small business to bring you secure, trustworthy, and instant tickets!

  • What is instant download tickets?

    • Instant download tickets are tickets sent directly to your email in paper form. This allows a quick and smooth transaction with your tickets in your email within minutes!

  • Why are some tickets not available right away?

    • We work with many season ticket holders and brokers. When the order is placed, the information is then sent to the ticket holder to upload your tickets via email, or sent to you Fedex. Not all tickets remain in our possession at all times.

  • What are my guarantees if the tickets aren’t what I purchased?

    • Big Box Tickets reserves the right to upgrade customers at no additional cost to improve the seats if what they ordered is not available. If the tickets ordered or an upgrade are not available, a sales representative will contact the customer and offer different seats or ones that are comparable . A customer will never get tickets of a lesser value and/or quality without being contacted first and getting approval. In the rare instance that we are unable to provide you with comparable tickets after we have confirmed your order, we will notify you in a reasonable amount of time and provide you a 100% refund of the price of the tickets.

  • How are your tickets priced?

    • Every event will differ on price. This can be due to demand, sold out events, or an abundance of extra tickets. Tickets on our site may be over face value or much cheaper depending on demand.

  • What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

    • Losing tickets is identical to losing cash money. They are almost impossible to replace. Please keep your tickets in a safe, dry place. If they are lost or stolen, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you any way we can.

  • I see worse seats at a higher price. Why?

    • Our website lists tickets owned by different sources. Therefore, not everything listed actually comes from our internal inventory. As a result, prices for seats worse than others may actually be priced higher. These different sources listing their tickets determine their own prices, which may be more or less than our listings. Therefore, customers will see worse seat tickets listed at higher prices.

  • Why are these tickets paper and why is there another person’s name on it?

    • These paper tickets, also known as Ticketfast tickets, are the new form of print your own tickets being offered by many venues. Ticketfast tickets allow for customers to obtain their tickets by email rather than waiting for them to be shipped. Ticketfast tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally, however this does NOT require that individual to be the one using the ticket.

  • How do I buy tickets on your site?

    • You can either search and select tickets online, or by calling in and speaking with a sales agent. You will receive an email when the seller has confirmed that the tickets are still available. That email may include any additional delivery information that we have at that time.

  • Is my information secure or shared when placing an order through your site?

    • As all transactions are processed by us, so your information is very secure. In order to successfully delivery your tickets to you, we may have to provide your shipping address.

  • Will the price of the ticket drop as the event date gets closer?

    • This will not always be the case. Ticket prices can actually rise as an event date gets closer if there is a high demand. There is always the risk of the event being sold out completely.

  • Am I able to exchange my tickets or refund the difference if prices have gone down for tickets that are similar to the ones I purchased?

    • No, we are unable to exchange tickets or refund the difference if the price has changed. As we operate on the secondary market, this also means that we are a live market. This means that the prices may change if the seller decides to raise or lower the prices, as our sellers have full control of the prices on our website. Most of the tickets that you see are listed by different sellers and we are not able to cancel any orders as our Sales Terms have a "all sales are final" policy which is agreed upon when purchasing tickets.

  • Do you offer refunds for events that have been cancelled or rescheduled?

    • You will receive a full refund of your order if the event has been officially cancelled. For postponed or rescheduled events, we are not able to offer refunds as your tickets will still be valid for the event.
      Sometimes we will need you to ship the tickets back to the seller so that we can issue you a refund. If this is the case, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. If after one month you have not received notification that the tickets need to be shipped back, you can discard the tickets at that time.
      If you place an order for any playoff games, you will be refunded in full if the game is not played. These games are typically listed as "If Necessary" or "TBD" at the time of purchase.

  • What does GA and SRO stand for?

    • GA and SRO stand for General Admission and Standing Room Only, respectively.  These are terms used for sections and rows that do not have assigned seats and where you sit or stand is on a first-come first-served basis.  Most of the time, if you purchase tickets such as "Pit GA", you are required to stand the entire event and may be fairly close to the other people in your section.  If you have "Lawn GA" tickets, there typically is room to sit on the ground if you choose to view the show from further back. Even though these sections do not have assigned seats, the tickets may have numbers or letters in the section and row fields.  This is for the venue to keep track of inventory and does not affect where you may sit or stand.

  • Should I bring my order summary email to the event with me?

    • You do not need to bring your order summary to the event as it is only for your reference. You will only need to bring your tickets with you, as they have a unique barcode that is associated with your seats.

  • Can I cancel or exchange my tickets after I place my order?

    • As stated in our terms and conditions, which every customer is required to mark that they agree to this policy, all sales that are placed on our site are final. Once a seller has confirmed the order that you placed, we are unable to make any exceptions to the all sales are final policy. With this policy, we are also unable to do any exchanges because all of the tickets on our site come from different sellers, so it would not be an even exchange.

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